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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the dress code?

Formal dress is required for the conference. Delegates are expected to dress professionally. Male delegates are expected to wear blazers when speaking at the podium and female delegates are expected to wear formal pants or skirts. Improperly dressed delegates will be asked to change into proper attire. 

Eg. Blazer, tie, dress shirt, dark-colored dress pants, leather shoes, etc. for male delegates.

Eg. Dresses are acceptable but short skirts should not be worn for female delegates. Nothing transparent should be worn during the conference and midriffs should not be shown.


2. Will there be opening speeches?

No, SISMUN will not be requiring delegates to have opening speeches.

3. Is SISMUN a device-free conference?

Yes, delegates are not allowed to use their devices except for lobbying time. Use of device during the conference sessions is strictly prohibited.

4. Does SISMUN provide note papers?

No, SISMUN expects delegates to bring their own note papers.

5. Does SISMUN have prizes?

Yes, there are awards in SISMUN.

There will be three awards per committee: Most Passionate Delegate, Most Diplomatic Delegate, and Most Improved Delegate. There are no awards for student officers, admins, press team, or secretariat members.

6. How are appointments for student officer positions conducted?

Applications from candidates that are submitted within the deadline will be reviewed by the SISMUN director and the secretariat to appoint student officer positions. There will be two student officers (chairs) in each committee, with 1 President and 1 Deputy President.


7. What is the role of the press team?

Members in the press team will be responsible for taking photographs during the conference and working together in creating opening and closing video. Their jobs include but are not limited to interviewing participants during the conference, creating a SISMUN intro and summary video.

8. Will SISMUN provide transportation for participating schools? 

No, as the conference is local, schools are expected to arrange their own mode of transportation.


9. When are Student Officer and Press Team Applications Due? 

June 20th. After the interview, Student Officers and Press Team will be announced. The Director's recommendation form should be completed by June 20th as well. 

Refer to the timeline for more important dates!


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