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"Going beyond borders to achieve sustainability and lasting peace" 

In an era defined by interconnectedness and drastic changes, the urgency to overcome boundaries—both physical and ideological—has never been more pressing. The 21st century presents a society where the definition of sustainability is far beyond environmental concerns, but, rather, about maintaining stability, harmony, and lasting peace. The endeavour for lasting peace has become ever so important with issues such as the Russian-Ukrainian war, the Gaza conflict, the threat of artificial intelligence, gender-based violence, and the environmental impacts of nuclear power reminding us of the fragility of peace and our environment.


Today, sustainability embodies the multifaceted areas of our society. From preserving ecosystems to empowering marginalized communities, from fostering inclusive economics to ensuring access to education and healthcare for all. This definition is continually evolving to reflect the dynamic changes and needs of our world.  

Going beyond borders to achieve sustainability and lasting peace beckons humanity to have a unified approach to our challenges and emphasizes the importance of the interconnectedness of our world. We need to have a shared commitment to pave a path toward a world where borders are not barriers but bridges that transcend our differences to achieve sustainability and lasting peace.  

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