Committee Topics

General Assembly (GA)

1. Assisting and accelerating the digitalization of developing nations

2. Fostering international cooperation for the protection of child refugees

3. Measures to address the increasing humanitarian crisis in Southern Africa



Human Rights Council (HRC)

1. Measures to mitigate the racial discrimination stemming from COVID-19

2. Measures to preserve the right to privacy in a digital age

3. Ensuring access to justice and violence protection for youth in war-stuck zones



Environmental Commission (ENV)

1. Addressing human subsistence among extreme climates

2. Question of popularizing hydrogen energy

3. Maintaining land sustainability as an impact of overpopulation in South-Asian regions

Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)

1. Mobilizing financial resources for developing countries for sustainable development

2. Promoting inclusive and sustainable economic recovery for post COVID-19 pandemic

3. Improving economic and social repercussions in post conflict areas

Security Council (SC)

1. The situation in Haiti

2. The situation of Russia and Ukraine

3. The situation of Sudan



1.  Creating balance between the fishery industry and conservation of marine life

2. Addressing food insecurity caused by head waves in the Indonesia-Pakistani region

3. Improving the unemployment and occupational immobility of the young workforce.