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What is SISMUN?

Get to Know Us

SIS Model United Nations (SISMUN) is a student-led and run simulation of the United Nations. It allows students or community and the world to engage in a dialogue about international affairs. The conference will consist of topics that delegates will be required to come up with solutions and debate in a traditional MUN committee setting. The origins of SISMUN began in 2020, with 90 delegates from 6 schools including individual participants, with the support of 8 student officers and 13 directors from various schools. From 4 committees in SISMUN 2020, SISMUN grew rapidly within 3 years. SISMUN 2023 was successfully held, having 8 committees with over 200 delegates. SISMUN is based on volunteer members and relies on its members and community support to fund its events and operations.​ ​Being in SISMUN provides opportunities that no other major school program can. From being part of a globally recognized organization, discussing and debating solutions for current affairs, supporting broader issues and topics in our community, and learning to be a better global leader, SISMUN provides unique and beneficial challenges that will broaden your horizons. 


​SISMUN firmly believes in giving everyone a voice, regardless of where they are from and their beliefs. With that, we respect each other's opinions and learn to debate with one another on issues or topics constructively. SISMUN is an equal opportunity group and does not decide its positions based on race, location, gender, religion or sexual preferences. 

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