Student Officers

General Assembly

President: Dominic Kim

Deputy President: Yijung Choi


Environment Commission

President: Syndey Wong

Deputy President: Jennie Soh


Human Rights Council

President: Eva Zhong

Deputy President: Ian Kim


President: William Li

Deputy President: Hedy Kwon

Press Team

Alisa Kyyriainen

Dohyun Bae

Emmie Xue

Haeji (Annie) Jeon

Joao Lutti


A-101, Coastal Rose Phase 2, Wanghai Road, Shekou, Nanshan District

A-101, 南海玫瑰花园二期北门, 望海路, 蛇口, 南山


Director's Email:

Ms. Brunning -

Secretary-General's Email:

Yijoo Choi - 

Activity Director's Email:

Mr. Mathews -

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