SISMUN Secretariat

Secretary General - Yijoo Choi




My name is Yijoo Choi, and it is my delightful honor to serve as the Secretary-General of SISMUN 2020. I am a high school senior at the Shekou International School.


My MUN journey started when I was in middle school, and I have attended fifteen different conferences. Throughout this journey, I’ve participated as a(n) delegate, chair, secretariat, ICJ judge, and admin. MUN didn’t only offer me knowledge but also true inspiration and passion; I could grow as a young adult with a more robust sense of a global society with MUN. 


I hope all participants can recognize the importance of engagement in diplomacy and tackle the global issues that we have the duty to resolve. I wish SISMUN 2020 can motivate and challenge all members as future leaders and urge negotiation throughout the conference.


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions ( I look forward to meeting you during SISMUN 2020.

Deputy Secretary General of Planning, Communication, and Logistics - Sunny Kwon


Greetings to all participants of SISMUN 2020!

I am Sunny Kwon, a senior at Shekou International School. It is my utmost honour to serve as a Deputy Secretaries-General in this year’s SISMUN Conference. I am in charge of the Planning, Communications, and Logistics department, so feel free to contact me ( for anything that needs to be communicated!

SISMUN 2020 will be my thirteenth MUN conference and my fourth SISMUN. What I love the most about MUN is that it is not a place for “Debate”. It is not where one side tries to denunciate the other in order to win an argument, but it is a place where delegates work together towards a shared goal of a better world and a better tomorrow. This is what makes each conference shine, and I look forward to another shining conference in the coming SISMUN, where everyone - together - will search for justice in a distorted world.

See you all in November!

Deputy Secretary General of Procedure, Research, and Training
- Seojin Park


Hello MUNers! I would like to extend a warm welcome to all attendees of SISMUN 2020!


My name is Seojin Park and I will be serving as the Deputy Secretary General of Procedure, Research and Training (PRT). I am in 11th grade, and this will be my 5th year in MUN, as well as my 8th conference. Throughout these years, I have become more deeply immersed in addressing global issues and have been able to further learn about the world around me. I have loved taking part in Model United Nations, because it not only has helped me learn about different world issues, but has also allowed me to build relationships with so many different people!


I hope that you can all enjoy this experience, by collaborating with each other and seeking to challenge yourself! 

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns, at See you all soon!

Student Leaders