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SISMUN 2022 Executives

Hedy Kwon_edited.jpg

Secretary General (SG) - Hedy Kwon

Greetings to all SISMUN 2022 participants!

I am Hedy Kwon, a senior at Shekou International School. It is my utmost honor to serve as your Secretary General of the third annual session of SISMUN. Ever since my first conference in middle school, MUN has become part of my pride and identity, extending beyond a mere academic activity. The very sight of different yet likeminded global citizens coming together for a common goal has always inspired me.  

As my 13th and last conference, I strive to make SISMUN 2022 a place where every individual can nurture their passion and love for MUN. I will aim to create an atmosphere that stimulates positive engagement and progressive mindsets and motivates every committee member to perform at their full potential. I look forward to meeting all of you at the conference!

Under Secretary General (USG) - Yijung Choi

Dear participants of SISMUN 2022, 

My name is Yijung Choi, a senior at Shekou International School, and it is my greatest honor to serve as your Under-Secretary-General for the third annual SIS Model United Nations session!

Since walking into my first committee session in grade 7, I have come to appreciate the competitive dynamism and collaborative environment that encompasses MUN, as well as the lasting friendships forged in the heat of committee debate. I firmly believe that MUN provides a space for students to contribute as progressive thinkers by not only raising awareness on urgent global issues but also fostering innovation.

Under the theme of this year’s conference, “An approach to comity in a rapidly transforming world,” I endeavor to develop the values of SISMUN through creating a congenial and unforgettable conference for all. 

I look forward to meeting you all in our upcoming conference!

Athena Wang_edited.jpg

Deputy Secretary General (DSG) - Athena Wang

Greetings, participants of SISMUN 2022!


I am Athena Wang, a junior from Shekou International School, and it is my absolute honor to serve as your Deputy Secretary-General. As a student who has always been passionate about the political sciences and the art of debate, Model United Nations holds a special place in my heart. Ever since I was first introduced to MUN two years ago, the fascinating combination of collaboration, communication, and creativity in the heat of fast-paced debate has never ceased to enthrall me.


Likewise, it is my goal to impart the same sense of enjoyment and intellectual stimulation to every delegate. I highly anticipate seeing all committees wield both persuasion and diplomacy to truly find “an approach to comity in a rapidly transforming world”. With that being said, I look forward to meeting you all in SISMUN 2022! 

Yelim Lee_edited.jpg

Deputy Secretary General (DSG) - Yelim Lee

Hello to all SISMUN 2022 participants, 

I am Yelim Lee, senior at Shekou International School, and your Deputy Secretary General for this conference. Model United Nations has given me the opportunity to look at different global issues, and realize the importance of thinking and researching before I create an opinion. I am passionate about working hard to study and speak what is true, and believe MUN provides a great chance for all students to do this. 

I hope to share my love for MUN with all of you, and make the SISMUN 2022 conference an opportunity for growth and fun.

Press Team Head - Iris Kim

Welcome all participants to SISMUN 2022!


I am Iris Kim, a senior at Shekou International School. I am delighted to serve as a Press Team Head for SISMUN 2022. 


When I first heard of MUN, I was hesitant to join as it was my first year in international school, and the complex procedures and fierce debates seemed overwhelming. However, warm supports and encouragements sparked my enthusiasm. Looking back, I realized that MUN is not just about debates and awards, but widening perspectives, making friends, and having fun!


As a Press Team Head, I am willing to capture every moment of joy and sorrow along your journey. I hope that SISMUN 2022 is a comfortable and memorable experience for all.

See you all at the conference!

Press Team Head - Jessie Park

Delegates, Chairs, Directors, Admins, and Press Team, welcome to SISMUN 2022! 

I am Jessie Park, a senior from Shekou International School, and the press team head for this year’s SISMUN conference. As this is the sixth year of being part of the SISMUN club, it has been my absolute honor to witness the growth of SISMUN thus far.

There are multiple flashbacks each MUN conference gives me. Like the time the delegate of France and I have sent “encouraging” notes to each other or the times the chair had to remind the delegates that “laughing is not in order .”Likewise, MUN is not only a three days activity to debate global issues, but a place to foster relationships and build lifelong memories with fellow global citizens. 

While serving as this conference’s press team head and the head of media and communication of the SISMUN team, I would try my best to capture every memory this conference would hold!


Head Admin - Tia Ching

Greetings to all participants of SISMUN 2022!

I am Tia Ching, a senior at Shekou International School. This is my fourth year in MUN and it is my honor to serve as your head admin in the third annual session of SISMUN. Through attending the conferences, I found myself deeply attracted and dedicated to MUN. I realized that MUN is a space where students can gain empathy and learn the different perspectives in this polarized world. Through constructive debates, students are able to tackle global issues while developing compassion and forming a globalized mindset.

In SISMUN 2022, I hope to spread my passion and assist all committee members to have fruitful debates. I look forward to meeting you all at SISMUN 2022!

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